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Smooth Setup of your DMCC Free Zone Branch or Company, and Corporate Bank Account in Dubai, UAE.

Our office in Dubai caters to all your needs and requirements no matter how important or minor they might be.  

We provide the very best, top-quality services that are unmistakable and straight forward approaches along with innovative ideas that are based on our years of experience within the industry.

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World's #1 Free Zone

DMCC is considered home to well over 15,000 companies ranging from start-up businesses to Multinational corporations.  Adding to that, approximately 170 companies join the DMCC Free Zone every month and 95% of them are new to Dubai.

Cyprus Investment Company

Smooth setup process

Our advisors will work with you through every step to get you up and running fast. Whether you want to register a new business or simply establish a solely owned subsidiary in the DMCC Free Zone, we make the process as quick as possible.

Cyprus Bank Account Opening

Opening a bank account

Our high success rate in opening corporate or personal bank accounts is credited to the fact that we are approved introducers for most reputable banking institutions in the UAE and at the same time we have a great expertise on the requirements of each bank that we work.

The #1 Free Zone in the UAE - DMCC Dubai

The Number 1 Free Zone

DMCC is the largest and fastest growing free zone in the UAE located in the heart of Dubai. It is at the centre of the prestigious Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT), across from Dubai Marina. It has been awarded, by the Financial Times magazine, the Global Free Zone of the Year four times in a row. DMCC will surround you with diverse people, a dynamic, active community, and the world’s best business services.

DMCC – In A Class of Its Own - Is the Centre of Enterprise

DMCC is the centre of global trade and one of the most interconnected free zones offering a wide range of diverse activities and specializing in commodity trading, specifically precious stones and metals.  Please note, the Almas Tower hosts the UAE Diamond exchange office.

The Leading Trading Marketplace in Dubai

DMCC is literally a city within a city.  Everything you need to set up your business and run a successful business can be done in this one place.  You will experience beautiful surroundings, have an exclusive address, and will be provided with contemporary, state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities.

dmcc service license

Services License

This license is used to perform services as specified in the license.

dmcc light industrial license

Industrial License

This license is used to perform industrial activities as specified in the license.

Trading License

This license is used to perform services as specified in the license.

DMCC offers different types of licenses. You can have a service license, a industrial license or a trading license.

Kerry Chrysanthou

Kerry Chrysanthou


Dia Constantinou

Dia Constantinou

General Manager

Taala Karaeva

Taala Karaeva


Our office is here to provide you with all your needs in Dubai whether you are a startup business or a multinational corporation. Our goal is to provide our clients with accurate, top quality services, well-defined approaches combining insight and new contemporary ideas using our knowledge and experience within the industry. We will enable you to go well beyond your highest expectations.

Our main business focuses on making returns through the provisions of diversified services that will enhance your understanding of the international marketplace. While there are complications that often block businesses from venturing outside their comfort zones and borders, we are here to empower your business to succeed in the international field.

We know it takes international consulting skills, local expertise, along with creative and innovative solutions to best suit our clients. We offer an extensive diagnosis of business situations that pertain to our clients and execute the best changes while transferring our skills and experience on to them. We guarantee you will experience sustainable business improvements.

We take great pride in helping business owners and investors create, enhance, and preserve their wealth throughout the life of their company using the application of high-level technical skills along with a dedicated commitment to individual relationships and secrecy. We offer a huge variety of management services for local, regional, and national clients.

Our team consists of sharp analytical minds, leadership skills, creativity, integrity, and the ability to work with employees at different levels within an organization. We are ready to create a customized approach, make improvement recommendations, offer innovative solutions and assistance, where needed. We are also available to take full responsibility for overseeing the implementation of every single aspect.
We go out of our way to support the needs of our clients. We will give you unrivaled opportunities for your growth and global influence.

The DMCC Free Zone in Dubai is the future and greatest opportunity for start-up businesses and multinational businesses to reach out to the international marketplace. Business owners and brilliant minds are coming over to the DMCC Free Zone every month and now it’s your turn!

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